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Teton Science School Goes Green

The Teton Science Schools' new Jackson Campus is comprised of nine buildings that were all designed and built to meet specific environmentally responsible goals and objectives.

Two Ocean Builders is proud to have been part of this project.

Building Green

Interest in sustainable, green building practices is certainly greater than ever, especially here in Jackson Hole. Whether you're concerned about allergies, energy costs, old-growth forest, air quality,  durability or long-term value, homeowners and builders are looking for ways to ensure their homes are healthy, safe, and efficient.

"Green" building takes into account the building materials, site selection, water use, energy, and indoor air quality of a building project from the start to finish. Two Ocean Builders is a strong supporter of green building and works with clients to offer an environmental engineering option when building and/or designing their project.

We like to offer our clients a number of different green opportunities including window packages with different insulation and solar reflective values, insulation material options, energy efficient appliances and fixtures, environmentally friendly paints/stains, and green building materials such as recycled woods that promote a "healthy" environmentally sensitive home. 

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